Public Information Statement  Statement as of 10:43 am CST on March 3, 2015

... Illinois and Missouri severe weather awareness week 2015...
... Missouri severe weather drill at 1:30 PM...

The annual Illinois statewide severe weather drill was held at 10:00
am. The annual Missouri severe weather drill will take place this
afternoon at 1:30 PM. All National Weather Service offices covering
Missouri will release a test Tornado Warning. The warning will look
and will be coded like the real thing... but it will be clearly
marked as a test. The warning will be sent out over NOAA Weather
Radio using the emergency alert code T o r.

The drill is mainly a communication drill to ensure communication
systems that receive severe weather warning are working properly.
Many communities will activate outdoor Siren systems as part of the
plan... however some may not. Check with your local jurisdiction to
see what their plans are.

Everyone is encouraged to take part in the drill. Now is the time to
test your method of receiving severe weather warnings and to
practice or review your severe weather procedures. Knowing what to
do now may save your life later.

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