Public Information Statement  Statement as of 3:45 PM CST on March 4, 2015

... Illinois and Missouri severe weather awareness week 2015...
... This is flash flood safety day...

A flash flood is a rapid rise in creeks and streams... or serious
urban flooding... caused by heavy rain from thunderstorms... that
poses a threat to life and property. On average every year... floods
and flash floods kill more people nationwide than any other storm

About half of all flash flood related deaths occur in vehicles.
Dont drive through flooded roads... especially if the water is
moving rapidly. Flooded or washed out roads are especially
difficult to see at night. Remember... turn around... don't drown.

A major problem in Illinois and Missouri is low water crossings.
These are designed to be crossed only when the water level is low.
When the water lever rises and is flowing swiftly due to recent
rain... turn around! Do not drown!

Do not let children play near storm drains... creeks or flooded
areas. It may look like fun but it can be deadly. As little as 6
inches of rapicly moving water can sewep an adult off their feet.

If you live near a creek or stream... evacuate to higher ground if
water rises rapidly or if a Flash Flood Warning is issued.

Urban flooding is also potentially dangerous. Heavy rain that
results in flooding of streets... viaducts and underpasses in an
urban area can pose a threat to motorists. Heavy rain can also
result in flooded basements... ponding of water in low spots and
rapid flooding of drainage ditches and storm sewer systems.

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